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Does for sale

Listed in order of oldest to youngest

$50 deposit per goat. If I don't have a deposit, I can't hold anyone for you (sorry!). Multiple goat discount DOES apply when buying any combination of adults and kids (does not include wethers). $50 discount on 2, $100 discount on 3. :)


Sale Pending - MB 
Capricopia's Marcia Mellow 1*M - DOB - 04/21/2008

Marcia is such a cool doe. Funny as heck and possesses multiple personalities! haha. When she is pregnant, she acts JUST like a buck. Blubbering, tongue out, mounting does... she will always let you know when someone is in heat. She is my most prolific doe as well. She has always had quads for me and had quints last year! She is a FANTASTIC mom and makes PLENTY of milk! She is a clown on the milk stand sometimes, but once you let her know you are not putting up with "frog squats", she stops and goes along with the program. She walks on a lead well. She LOVES treats and will very gladly eat them from your hand, but she does have a mind of her own when it comes to how friendly she will be if out in the field. Sometimes she will come up to you and demand scratches (on the head, only on the head!), and sometimes she wants to keep distance. Never know when those humans are up to something you know. But treats trump all with Marcia. Since she is nearing the end of her breeding years, I will be offering her as a companion to any of the other goats listed here. I do expect that you should be able to get at least one more breeding from her. She fooled me about being pregnant this year (she wasn't), but that means she only was exposed for that breeding and not after since I thought it "took". Running a boy with her or penning her with one I would think should result in a pregnancy, but with age, you just never know. I would be pretty surprised if she didn't take again. But, since it can not be guarenteed, I will offer her at a companion price of $250 to be sold with any other doe on this list (her daughter Mini Marshamallow on this list would make a great companion!) and if she does get pregnant for you, you will have the option of buying her papers for an additional $200 at that time.  Marcia, Mini & her baby boy wether would make a great starter herd! $50 discount when buying two girls together, $100 off 3
Left photo Credit: Yipper Skipper Acres

Sire:Capricopia's Main Event
Dam: Wooly Dog Down Right As Rain
Sire's Sire: Hames & Axles Event Horizon
Sire's Dam: Four Oaks Senorita
Dam's Sire: Ceasar's Villa GD MR Pickwick *S
Dam's Dam: Rosasharn Tina



Better Wayz Mini Marshmallow DOB - 12/10/2013

Mini is a smart, polled doe. She tends to be on the skiddish side, but will happily come eat treats from your hand. She is reasonable. ha. She is out of fantastic milking lines. She is offered at a discount because she needs some socializing, but is a solid doe. She has a baby boy that can go with her (no extra). She will be offered at $500. She can also go with her mother, Marcia Mellow, who is also on this sales page. Marcia, Mini and her baby boy wether would make a great starter herd! $50 discount when buying two girls together, $100 off 3.
MiniMini Udder

Sire: Fields Of Grace FL Smooth Jazz
Dam: Capricopia's Marcia Mellow 1*M
Sire's Sire: J-Nels GP Freelance *B
Sire's Dam: Little Tots Estate Monarda
Dam's Sire:Capricopia's Main Event
Dam's Dam: Wooly Dog Down Right As Rain


Old Mountain Farm Magpie DOB - 02/20/2014
Magpie is a super sweet doe, on the small side. She is a fantastic mother and has nice large teats for her size. She has wonderful milk stand manners and is always eager to come in. Her udder has a beautiful texture, strong attachments and a strong medial. She is easy to handle, very friendly. She will be available after she kids (due date April 2nd), to be sold with a kid (priced separately). If she has a boy, and I have enough of them at that time, he can be thrown in for free. She will be offered at $700. (I paid $800 for her as a baby!). Multiple purchase discount does apply if you purchase more than one female. :) ($50 off 2, $100 off 3)
MaggieMagpie Udder
Magpie's first freshening udder

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Romeo
Dam: The Bombahook Acres HK Phoebe
Sire's Sire: SG Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip +*B
Sire's Dam: Old Mountain farm Nilam Bukit 2*M
Dam's Sire: Springs Run Haiku's Koke
Dam's Dam: Gnome Rock Farm Sabrina 1*M


Better Wayz Hi-Ho Cherry-O DOB - 03/04/2015
Cherry is a gorgeous doe from one of my top milkers. On this list because she is skiddish. If you look closely at her picture, you will see she is sucking on a bottle. Yes, this was a bottle kid. Was as friendly as any bottle kid can be... and then one day she decided she was scared of humans. I do think with just a little work, she can be a sweet girl again. She also has an egg sized protrusion/scar on her side from where she was stitched up from a cut. It does not effect her in any way and she has had two kiddings since then. Will sell at discount for that and also since she needs a little work on becoming friendly again. Nice genetics. Pretty udder with strong attachments. Cherry is priced at $450 since she needs work on being friendly again. She kidded with triplet boys (ugh! ha!), so one can go with her at no extra charge.
Cherrycherry Udder

Sire: Gillispie's Black Bear *B
Dam: CUATLilRedBarn I Spy 3*M
Sire's Sire: Tiny Town Hunting With Emmet VVV87
Sire's Dam: SG Old Mountain Farm Sirocco 4*M EEEE91
Dam's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Tanka
Dam's Dam: MI Sugarcreek Wil Yahtzee 2*M


Sale Pending - MB
The Cannoli DOB - 03/13/2015

Cannoli is a beautiful doe out of one of my top does (Tiramisu). She has kidded but due to her being skittish, I have not milked her and didn't get pictures of her udder. She has a really nice pedigree but definitely needs work on becoming less skittish. Offered at a discount, $400, multiple purchase discount does apply ($50 off 2, $100 off 3). She is due April 7th, but I'm not sure she is pregnant. She is not looking like she is getting big. As the time gets closer, I will be able to tell more for certain, and she could possibly go sooner than April 7th... and could be bred asap. ;)

Sire: NC Promisedland RC Sorcerer
Dam: Blackstrap Tiramisu
Sire's Sire: Rosasharn TL Cauldron VEE90
Sire's Dam: SGCH NC Promisedland Legacy Sunday VEEE91
Dam's Sire: Old Mountain Farm BiznessTime *B
Dam's Dam: SG Old Mountain Farm Tatianna 4*M EEEV90


Better Wayz Petunia DOB - 04/26/2015
Petunia is a beautiful doe that I really wish I had the time to work with. She is skittish. I love her lines and her large teats that point strait down. I think this doe has lots of potential and I definitely would not be parting with her if she were easy to work with. To manage a herd this large, I need goats that won't run from me. Offering her at a discount since she needs work on socializing. I have been able to get her to follow a container of grain in front of her face on the few occassions I had a chance to get her on her own away from the herd who will mob me if I bring out grain to bribe with. She is offered at $500. She has a super cute swiss marked boy that can go with her at no extra charge.

Sire: Gillispie's Black Bear *B
Dam: Better Wayz Szachet's Flower
Sire's Sire: Tiny Town Hunting With Emmet VVV87
Sire's Dam: SG Old Mountain Farm Sirocco 4*M EEEE91
Dam's Sire: Buttin'Heads Sliver Eclipse
Dam's Dam: Buttin'Heads Szachet


Sale Pending - AY
Better Wayz Rupunzel DOB - 03/01/2015

Rupunzel is a gorgeous doe who will gladly follow you around if you have treats and will eat treats out of your hand. She is eager to come into the milk room each morning and happy to be on the stand munching away. I only started trying to milk her this week (I had been getting her in the habbit of coming in the milk room several weeks before), since her boys left and she is not being cooperative about being milked. I'm sure with some patience and work, she would be fine, but I am milking close to 30 now, 2x a day and I don't have the patience or time to deal with it. I think this girl has good potential and I really hate to see her go. She is offered at $600 Any of the girls on this sales page would make good companions for her.
Rupunzel's second freshening udder. :)

Sire: Gillispie's Black Bear *B
Dam: Chenago-Hills Gretal
Sire's Sire: Tiny Town Hunting With Emmet VVV87
Sire's Dam: SG Old Mountain Farm Sirocco 4*M EEEE91
Dam's Sire: Chenango-Hills Avante Garde
Dam's Dam: Chenango-Hills Punkin Pie 4*M


Sale Pending - AY
Better Wayz Boo Berry DOB - 12/13/2015

Boo Berry is a super sweet, very friendly, polled doe that is eager to please and just wants to be your friend. :) She is currently being milked 2x a day and has excellent milk stand manners. She is easy to work with in every way and you are sure to love her!!! She would be good companions for any of the does listed here that were born late 2015 through 2016. Especially if you pair her with one of the less friendly ones for sale, they will learn from her quickly not to be afraid of you! :) Boo is offered at $600.

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Elton Jay
Dam: Better Wayz BippityBoppityBoo
Sire's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Romeo
Sire's Dam: SG NC Promisedland MG Diva 1*M VEEE91
Dam's Sire: Fields Of Grace Smooth Jazz
Dam's Dam: Wooly Dog Down Chity-BangBang


Sale Pending - AY
Better Wayz Patty Cake DOB - 12/14/2015

Patty is a sweet doe that will come up to you for attention and petting. She has good milk stand manners. I didn't have a chance to work with her much on learning to come in the milk room on her own since she kidded in the busy kidding week but I brought her in several times to milk her and she was well behaved on the stand. She is dry now. Her udder came in very pretty and with a strong medial. Her sister, Double Dutch will be offered for sale after she kids (4/1/17), and they would make great companions for one another. Dark Mocha Mousse would also make a good companion, also on this sales list. . Fantastic genetics here... but tough cuts are exactly that... tough. She is being offered at $525

Sire: Old Mountain Farm Jimmy Riddle
Sire's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Joshua James *B
Sire's Dam: SG Old Mountain Farm TA-DAH! 2*M
Dam's Sire: Old Mountain Farm Tanka
Dam's Dam: MI Sugarcreek Wil Yahtzee 2*M


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